Jun 2013

They all passed and are now Bachelors

All 7 bachelor students that have been working on this project 2012-2013 season has passed their examination. We congratulate and whish them all the best for the future, and at the same time we hope to get as hard working team next year.

The new Bluetooth 4.0LE to NMEA interface

We have tested our new interface. We can now connect to the NMEA buss on any boat, and transmit data over Bluetooth 4.0 to an iPhone or iPad device, or the other way for control commands. We are now working on some iPad graphics to display the data.

The 9Tek boat is for sale.

There is nothing dramatic in this, only we now se that this beautiful boat requires to much to sail and experiment at the same time. So we have purchased another boat made for singlehanded and dublehanded sailing. The new boat is more up-to-date.

So we now hocus on selling this X-1 Ton beauty to a new lucky owner.



Autonomus launched!!!!!!

With more than 10sm wind, we had to move to plan B, only the Autonomus boat could safely sail in the narrow waters. Se the pictures on the picture page.