Oct 2013

Custom edition of SailSimulator 5

This week we received a custom built version of SailSimulator 5 from Stentec.
We now got our own NMEA messages that allow us to simulate the boat motion and attitude.
We hope this will enable us to be able to run the “wave rider” and other function in Odys.

Update: I have tested it, with all system running (except Autopilot), and it seems to work. However I must probably get yet a modification and I believe we need the Accelerometers to. But now it is the autopilot. I have one I made some years back, just need to font the code and get it compiled. And then add CAN commands.

PS: I have made a CAN Spy software that can do nonintrusive listen and decoding of the Robosail CAN data.
It uses ethernet so I can analyse the buss remotely. I can even insert commands from a remote computer.
Syllogic is ISE’ed so it got Internet 24/7. Quite cool if I may say so :-)

There will be a live web cam soon, I’ll keep you posted.

The Robosail GPU II is in phocus.

The GPU II and the CAN display are now both in for service and repare. The GPU II seems to have a defect computer chip, but this is a “all in one” chip and that has expire. The CAN display probably works and just need to be tested. We need the GPU to be able to get the rest of the original Robosail project back up. And from this we can learn and improve.